Mittens for 4 Year Olds
Shared by Diane Reed at

Cast on 50 stitches and k rib for 25 r
Transfer stitches to main bed if on ribber. 
Transfer half the stitches from main bed to ribber and set to circular
* Because it takes two passes of the carriage for one row of knitting I have already doubled it so numbers are as is.
k 10 rows rc 35
Increase one stitch each side each bed and make sure you cross these stitches so no hole forms. ie, put first stitch from ribber on empty needle next to stitch on main bed then move first stitch main bed to ribber bed.
k 20 rows rc 55

Leave first 10 stitches (could be right or left depending on which side the carriage is on) in working position put all other needles in hold 
Set carriages for hold leaving on circular knitting. Make sure here you either pull thumb stitches down with hand or add lots of weight in that one spot.
rc 000 
k50 rows
dec 1 stitch each bed each side.
k 2 rows
Break thread , thread needle and take stitches off both beds pull tight and darn little hole.
Put hold stitches back in to working position.  To do this you must use a transfer tool and put stitches in front of latches; otherwise when you continue you will have both bed knit together.
Pick up 2 stitches from bottom of thumb to prevent a hole in thumb joint.
rc 000
Circular knit for 60 rows.
Decrease one stitch each bed each side. 
k 8 rows rc 68
Decrease one stitch each bed each side.
k8 rows rc 72
Break yarn leaving a tail thread needle and take off each stitch all the way around pull tight and darn the little hole.
with tail from beginning of mitten. Sew up the ribbing.
If there are questions please ask, also sizing is really dependant on the child as hands really range at that age. So make a few till the sizing is right and then go back and make second one for each glove discarded
and give it to charity.