Jewelry Pouch

This particular item is sewn, not knitted and not embroidered but if you have a straight stitch sewing machine, you can make it in a jiffy. It's a great gift idea for any girl, large or small, on your gift list (I'm giving one to my 4 yr old grandaughter along with a little necklace tucked inside).

This jewelry pouch is made with circles: A smaller circle is stitched inside the larger. Three or four intersecting lines of stitches divide the smaller circle into six or eight pockets and attach the smaller circle to the larger outside circle.

You will need the following materials:
1/2 yd of 2 coordinating fabrics (Christmas metallic is always great for the outside)
3 yds of ribbon or rattail or cording
Matching thread for both fabrics

DIRECTIONS: (please read thoroughly before starting)

Cut one large circle 14 1/2 inches in diameter) from each fabric and cut one smaller circle 9 3/4 inches in diameter from each fabric. Make a paper pattern circle that measures 3 1/4 inches in diameter. This is a stitching guide only and no fabric will be cut to this size. You must now decide which fabric will be the outside and which will be the lining of your pouch.

On the right side of the large circle of fabric which will be the outside of your pouch, make 2 half inch buttonholes 1 1/4 inch from the outside edge as shown in the diagram. Put these buttonholes directly across from each other on the circle. These will be for the drawstrings later. Open the buttonholes carefully with a pair of sharp scissors.

Put right sides of the large circles together and stitch with the 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around the circle. DO NOT leave an opening for turning. Repeat sewing the small circles together the same way. Clip and trim curves if necessary.

Find the center of the lining of the large circle and carefully make a 1 inch slit in the lining fabric only. DO NOT slit the outside fabric. Now repeat with the smaller circle. Making sure to slit only the lining fabric. Turn both circles to the right side and press circles flat. Sew a line around the large circle about 1 inch from the edge and also another line about 1 1/2 inch from the edge. These seams should cross over the ends of your buttonholes. If they do not, make your seams to fit. A little fatter or thinner seam will not make any difference.

Lay the large circle on the table with the slit lining facing up. Center the smaller circle on top of the large circle with the right side facing up. The slits of both pieces should be facing each other and no slits should be showing. Center the smallest circle on top of the small circle and stitch around it to secure the 2 circles together. Now sew from the outer edge of the small circle across the center point to the other outer edge of the same small circle. Now decide if you want 6 or 8 pockets and sew across the center point either 2 or 3 more times. Pressing a crease or using a fading pen to draw these stitch lines is helpful to get them straight.

Cut your ribbon into two pieces. Feed one end of one of the ribbons through a buttonhole, around the pouch and back out the same hole from which it started. Tie the ends together in a knot. Now feed the other ribbon through the other buttonhole, around the pouch and out the same hole from which it started. Tie the ends together in a knot. Pull on both ribbon ends and your jewelry pouch is complete.