Mark II Garter Carriage

The Mark II is the latest conversion to two-color garter carriage knitting. 
We call it the Mark II because the original one, the one that required placement of rails over the machine bed to run, is now referred to as the Mark I.
This new development is greatly superior!  It can be used on any machine that will run a garter carriage and requires NO RAILS!

The black box on the top of the garter carriage is an electric servo that is designed to do the word of the rails and trippers.

Top and bottom view of the Mark II.  The regular yarn feeder has been replaced to accommodate two yarns.

The Mark II works like any other garter carriage except it allows you to knit beautiful fabric in two colors or in the same color of two different types of yarns.

Northtipton is the exclusive North American dealer for the Mark II Two-Color Garter Carriage!
Just as Frank converted hundreds of garter carriages to the Mark I, he is now converting to the Mark II.  
You can convert any garter carriage, even those previously converted to the Mark I.

Price for conversion:  $300 plus shipping and insurance ($50 less than the previous model)

Here are some knitted samples.  As you can see, each side is different.  The public side is the one you decide it is!

Whether you want to work with single motifs or in overall patterns, the results are definitely eyecatching!

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