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Northtipton Creations is a small studio located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, catering especially to Machine Knitters.

We hope you will come in and visit with us for a while. We have the following areas set up for your inspection. We are proud of our designs and work hard to make each and every product the best possible. Please pick a page and browse around!
Also, please help yourself to the free patterns and ideas in Cathie's File Cabinet.


Cathie's DesignaKnit CDs
Programs and Articles to help you learn all about DesignaKnit 7


Knitting Patterns

Northtipton's Machine Knitting Patterns
Hard copy, .pdf files, and CD formats. 
We are Going Green and Saving You Money!

DesignaKnit 8
Information about the Newest Upgrade

Dr. Frank
Information about Repair Work

 Turn-Around Cams, Ballistol, 
Short-row Weights

Silver Reed Knitting Machines
 Silver Reed Information


About Us


Cathie's File Cabinet
Free Patterns, Tips, Ideas from
 Cathie's Files


Ordering Information
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Northtipton Creations
362 Tipton Lane
Blountville, Tennessee   37617

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